Harve Meskin, EdD, LMFT

Dr. Meskin provides an environment which allows people to “be themselves.” The patient can expect an open, compassionate, honest and non-judgmental atmosphere.

He is trained both by some of the finest and well known leaders in the field of modern psychology. Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Therapy; Arnold Lazarus, founder of Cognitive BehavioralTherapy (CBT); Isadore Chine, the founding researcher and writer in the field of Addictive Disorders; and William Glasser, founder of Reality Therapy. One common thread amongst these great teachers is that Dr. Meskin learned to focus on the “here-and-now” problem solving, as opposed to spending decades mining the past.

Dr. Meskin is licensed in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (14138) since 1979. His specialties are that of Behavioral Pain Management, Posttraumatic Stress Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and Addictive Disorders.

His experience ranges from individual counseling, to founding clinics and hospitals and in coordinating emergency field work at music festivals. Among the many firsts that Dr. Meskin has accomplished, he has contributed innovations in the treatment of adolescent substance abuse, which have changed the way teens are treated for this problem. He stands at the forefront of the treatment of chronic pain and has compiled innovative approaches to treating chronic pain disorders. He has produced sets of pain management CDs for at home use. Dr. Meskin has also consulted with both houses of the United States Congress and numerous community groups.

Harve is also the founder and President of Do Something Now!, a non-profit that sends bicycles to Third World countries. He also founded the North County Branch of the American Cancer Society and has served on multiple community boards and agencies.

Letty N. Meskin, LMFT

Her clinical experiences include, being a graduate fellow studying with the world renown theorist Carl Rogers, extensive chemical dependency training, as well as running an Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Program, a substance abuse diversion program for the Vista Unified School District, and heading up the Lifestyle Clinic for the CareUit, an inpatient chemical dependency hospital, and working at a community substance abuse clinic in El Cajon as a group and individual counselor.  In addition, Mrs. Meskin has worked with the Intervention and Treatment Branch at Camp Pendleton, CA as a domestic violence clinician with the U.S. Marine Corps. Her strength and love are facilitating groups.

Presently, she enjoys working with couples in crisis, individuals in life transitions, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, those experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms, and chronic pain issues.  Treatment modalities used are goal-setting, cognitive-behavioral management, biofeedback, and teaching other methods of relaxation and stress reduction, like mindfulness meditation.  An expression that she likes is, ‘education is power.’  She also strongly values the belief that each person walking through the door deserves equal respect.

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