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Our Mission:

We are committed to providing the highest quality of subacute care, post-acute care and rehabilitation therapies to individuals who are recovering from catastrophic injury events in personal injury and workers compensation. We accomplish this goal by a staffing patient ratio of 2 fulltime staff members per patient, providing our full attention to the plan of care that is individualized per patient to ensure their progression to wellness. Larger facilities house many patients with differing infections and diseases. We limit our patient load to only 6 at a time therefore reducing the risk of acquired infections as well as adhering to our strict infection control protocols.

Who We Are:

Managed by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and therapists, Coastal Injury Care Center is an inpatient rehabilitation facility and subacute care center that provides round-the-clock skilled nursing services and intensive rehabilitation therapies to individuals who have been severely and catastrophically injured. Our individualized care plans are managed by an interdisciplinary group of specialists including neurologists, orthopedists, physiatrists, podiatrists, wound care physicians, dentists, nurses, social workers, activity directors, respiratory therapists, registered dieticians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Common Injuries:
Coastal Injury Care Center provides services based upon each resident’s initial assessment, including but not limited to:
· Acquired Brain Injuries (traumatic, anoxic, aneurysms, cerebral vascular accidents)
· Spinal Cord Injuries (all levels including Halo care)
· Complex Wound Care (including V.A.C. Therapy)
· Pulmonary (Vent care and weaning, tracheostomy care, suctioning and de-cannulation)
· Amputee Care
· Medically Complex (multiple IV antibiotic therapy, isolation, TPN, G and J tube feeding)
· High-Intensity Rehabilitation (PT, OT, ST, LCSW, MSW)
· Orthopedically Complex (multiple trauma, fractures, non-weight bearing)

Coastal Injury Care Center provides the following services for patients in need of acute and subacute care.
· Individualized treatment programs managed by a multidisciplinary group of physicians including neurologists, orthopedists, physiatrists, podiatrists and wound care physicians.
· Continuous (24-hour) skilled nursing and supportive care provided by licensed healthcare professionals under the supervision and direction of a board certified Medical Director (MD/DO).
· Neurologic and/or vascular monitoring
· Ventilator or tracheostomy dependence/complex pulmonary care
· Respiratory Therapy services for oxygen delivery, suctioning, CPAP or BiPAP.
· Dietary care including tube feeding or total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
· Gastrostomy or ileostomy care not manageable at a lower level of care.
· Complex wound care (debridement, packing, extensive dressing)
· Medication monitoring
· Psychosocial support provided by licensed clinical social workers and psychiatrists.
· Subacute rehabilitation for physical, occupational and recreational therapy provided by licensed physical and occupational therapists.
· Skin care, oral care and position changes

Located 15 minutes outside of downtown San Diego in La Mesa, our newly remodeled facility has a fully equipped kitchen, entertainment area, rehabilitation room for therapeutic activities, a fully landscaped backyard and spacious rooms. Rooms are tastefully decorated and have hardwood flooring, closets and HDTV’s.

Specialty: Acute and Subacute Care, Inpatient Rehab Facility, Skilled Nursing Services

Language(s): English, Spanish

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