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San Diego Injury Network was created

with the goal of helping attorneys, doctors, & patients locate providers who specialize in treating the victims of serious accidents.

Our founder Jennifer Evans-Wong realized long ago how inefficient it was for attorneys to spend hours attempting to locate specialists that accepted liens, let alone those that understood the unique demands of personal injury cases. She likewise observed physicians turn away patients who did not have health insurance and had no means of referring them to providers that would offer their services on a lien. SDIN was created to address these problems and place patients with providers that could help.

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Jennifer Evans-Wong

President & CEO

Jennifer Evans-Wong graduated from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998 and spent the next several years working oversees for a software company in Asia, Australia and Europe before finally returning to her hometown of San Diego, California. In 2003, she began providing her marketing services to providers who specialized in treating accident victims and never looked back.

Over the years she has developed an extensive network of attorneys, healthcare providers and medical centers based on trust, integrity and the shared desire to provide accident victims with the highest quality of medical care available. After realizing San Diego’s need for a comprehensive referral service that could direct patients to a variety of specialists throughout San Diego, Jennifer founded the San Diego Injury Network.

Jennifer currently lives with her husband and two children in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. In her free time she is a competitive Ironman triathlete, an avid surfer, a singer in a rock band and an aspiring soccer mom.


Violet Flores

Marketing Coordinator

Violet Flores has worked in the personal injury arena for over 20 years serving physicians and attorneys with their case management and marketing needs. She has a background working as a case manager in several law offices, and is also bilingual. Violet is a resident of Menifee, CA and a devoted mother. She recently joined the San Diego Injury Network team, and is excited to aid in the company’s growth and development.


Lily D'Amico

Administrative Assistant

Lily Birck is a native of Brazil who earned a degree in nutrition from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Paraná. Shortly after her graduation, she moved to the United States and worked in operations management for several start-up companies in the health and beauty industries. In 2013, Lily became a marketing representative for the San Diego Injury Network. Lily is also a certified Pilates instructor, and teaches classes throughout San Diego in her free time.


Cielo Porreco

Marketing Director

Cielo Porreco was born and raised in Mexico City.  After graduating in 1996 from Colegio Superior de Neurolinguistica y Psicopedagogía with a degree in Special Education Therapy, she founded a Speech Therapy company.  In 1999 she got married and moved to San Diego.  Cielo has lived in Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA since 2001 and is a devoted mother of three. She has worked as a translator and Spanish tutor and has a background in retail marketing and management. Cielo enjoys spending quality time with family and friends at the beach, flamenco dancing, singing, traveling and watching her kids play soccer, baseball and horse jumping. She is passionate about helping others and is excited to work for the San Diego injury network team!

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