Zachary Cohen, M.D.

Board Certified Pain Management Specialist

Board Certified Anesthesiology Specialist

Dr. Cohen is double Board Certified in both Anesthesiology and Chronic Pain. After completing his Anesthesiology residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, he completed his Chronic Pain Medicine fellowship at the University of California San Diego, which was rated the top pain fellowship in the country by the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Dr. Cohen treats a variety of conditions with interventional spine and orthopedic procedures, minimally invasive surgery, and medication management. His practice is devoted to patients that have neck pain, headaches, lower back pain and other painful conditions caused by joint and nerve pain.

Dr. Cohen employs a multi faceted approach to pain. He is also a published author and lectures to other pain physicians nationally. He understands that pain is an emotional and frustrating condition and often employs a team approach to get the best results for his patients.


Jon Franks, D.C.

Dr. Jon Franks has been an athlete all his life and understands pain, having broken his back in 1985. He has served as team chiropractor and strength coach for UCLA basketball under the legendary Walt Hazzard. He also worked with the pro volleyball tour for a number of years.

Combining specific exercises and stretches with traditional Chiropractic is the brainchild of Dr. Franks that allows his patients to achieve a balanced health target unachievable solely by manipulation alone. Lifeforce Sports Chiropractic offers same-day or next-day appointments and detailed med/legal evaluations completed within two weeks of patient discharge.

Dr. Franks also worked with the US Olympic boxing team in the 84 Olympics, as well as 6 other countries including Italy, and was offered the Boston Celtics training job in 1987 but opted to stay in southern California.

Dr. Franks leads the way in personal injury treatment through continuing advanced therapies, exercises and Chiropractic.

He has been featured in virtually every health and fitness magazine including the holy grail (Muscle and Fitness). He has also appeared on hundreds of television interviews and shows, including but not limited to, the Late Show and the Merv Griffin show.

He was also the first wheelchair athlete to challenge ironman Hawaii and through his efforts there is a permanent category for both men and women in that race.

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