Dr. Rana Ram

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Specialist

Dr. Rana Ram is a board-certified emergency physician. She trained at a Level 1 trauma center in New York City which exposed her to a variety of acute medical conditions. This training allows her to provide quality medical care in assessing the patient to identify the most urgent diagnosis.

After residency, she moved to San Diego and has worked at emergency departments in the area. She had the honor of receiving the Guardian Angel Award which is patient sponsored recognition of the medical care provided by the physician. She has worked in the ER at the VA where she enjoyed providing service to the veterans. Subsequently, she was promoted at her last position to assistant medical director where she actively mentored other clinicians in the group in correctly assessing and managing patients.

Dr. Ram obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology and minor in neuroscience from USC. At USC she took an active role in philanthropy and was awarded the USC Outstanding Community Award. She went on to complete medical school in northern CA where she continued her community involvement and was the recipient of the TOUCH award by the AOA House of Delegates.

Dr. Ram emphasizes providing quality medical care to her community and enjoys the lifelong commitment to staying up to date on the evolving medical advances and helping patients which is the core mission of her practice.

Practice Specialties:

Accident Recovery Center is a full service wellness clinic offering personalized, quality chiropractic care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, ultrasound, massage therapy, physiotherapy and x-rays. We specialize in personal and work injury rehabilitation, auto accidents, sports injuries and effective care for the whole family.

About The Doctor:

Reza, Shakeri, D.C.

Dr. Reza Shakeri has 20+ years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of patients.  He is a diplomate of the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and is licensed by the State of California as a Radiography X-ray Supervisor and Operator.  Dr. Shakeri received his Bachelor’s degree from University of Albany in Albandy, NY in 1998, and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West-West.


Dr. Amir Bahreman, MD, is a quadruple board-certified neurologist, and is an American Diplomat in Neurology and Psychiatry, Brain Injury Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology and Vascular Neurology by APBN.

Dr. Bahreman trained in neurology at the Albert Einstein University in New York in 2000. During his residency at Montefiore Hospital he developed additional expertise in headache disorders, stroke and neuromuscular diseases. Because of the unique location of Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx New York, he was exposed to a variety of neurological pathologies including traumatic brain injury. During his residency he treated patients with traumatic brain injury, spine injury and neuromuscular disorders. In his last year of residency, he had the privilege of working directly with Dr. Richard Lipton and Dr. Lawrence Newman, world renowned headache experts, which gave him the knowledge necessary to diagnose and manage post traumatic headache disorders and migraines associated with traumatic brain injury.

Following residency, Dr. Bahreman, entered a fellowship program at the University Of Chicago, where he became board certified in Clinical Neurophysiology in 2007 and Vascular Neurology (stroke) in 2008. During his fellowship training at University of Chicago he became skilled in electrodiagnostics including electroencephalography, electromyography, and nerve conduction studies.

Upon completing his fellowship, Dr. Bahreman joined a local private neurology group and in 2008, he moved to San Diego when he started his own solo practice. He became affiliate with Sharp Health System where he presently provide services as Stroke specialist at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. In his private practice, he treats patients with traumatic brain injury, post traumatic headache disorders, migraines, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), neuralgias, seizures, musculoskeletal diseases, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, spinal cord injuries, traumatic spinal disease and peripheral nerve injuries.
Since then, he has received extra training and become certified in a variety of areas including VNG (video nystagmography), posturography, Botox and spasticity, and antiaging medicine. He is a member of A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine). In December 2017, he passed the Stem Cell board exam sponsored by Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Bahreman’s primary interest is in medical legal neurology with a special focus on traumatic brain injury (TBI). He provides services as a treating physician and expert witness in neurology for patients with brain or spinal injuries. His expertise has been used by plaintiff and defense attorneys in a variety of neurological cases including TBI, CRPS and peripheral nerve injuries. In 2017, he testified in a class action lawsuit against Bristol Myers and their drug Plavix. He currently performs and offers a variety of neurological studies that are commonly used in medical legal cases including:

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