Tania Faruque, M.D.

Board Certified Pain Management Specialist
Board Certified Anesthesiology Specialist

Tania Faruque, MD, is the Medical Director of Palomar Spine & Pain. She is a double board-certified interventional pain management specialist and anesthesiologist.

Dr. Faruque has extensive training and experience using a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of chronic pain. Her journey into pain medicine started with residency training at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, where she worked with patients in the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program. The highly recognized multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program treats the most complex chronic pain patients using a biopsychosocial framework. Dr. Faruque learned how to treat patients effectively to help recover their function and avoid invasive treatments.

Dr. Faruque broke barriers by becoming the first female pain management fellow at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Being one of the few female pain physicians in San Diego county, she is a powerful advocate for women’s health.

Dr. Faruque holds the distinction of being appointed physician leader of a comprehensive pain program. The program treated chronic pain patients with interventional management, physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and biofeedback/relaxation training. Other innovative treatments used were assertiveness training, expressive writing, mindfulness, and relapse prevention.

Dr. Faruque believes her most important role is being a patient’s advocate. Through assessment and careful diagnoses, she provides the physical, emotional, and social interventions needed to achieve optimum total health. Dr. Faruque combines a multimodal treatment plan using evidence-based treatments, rehabilitative approaches, and interventional pain procedures including spinal injections, joint injections, neuromodulation therapies, and regenerative medicine procedures.

Dr. Faruque grew up in the Midwest. She completed her training in Los Angeles and decided to settle down in Southern California after meeting her husband. Her hobbies include cross country road trips, treasure hunting, playing violin, fiction writing, and sports like tennis and boxing.
Dr. Faruque’s philosophy is “I tailor my approach to each patient individually and we can come up with a plan together on how best to treat the mind and body.”

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