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We bring peace of mind to adults and their families.  Reach out to us and you will find a team that is exceptionally responsive and accountable. Whether our clients utilize us to regain their strength, maintain their independence or have some respite-they know they can count on us.

Our Unmatched Expertise supports you on the road to Aging in Peace. Our Care Management team ensures consistency through changing conditions and staff, overseeing our Home Care Aides (HCAs) in performance of their responsibilities.

We meet our Attendance Guarantee on 99.98% of our scheduled shifts. We strive for  punctuality and for HCAs who meet all your skill needs, though last-minute unavailability of scheduled HCAs is inevitable. It is rare when our replacement HCA does not meet most of your particular required skills. Our guarantee takes into consideration that our replacement HCA may not arrive at the scheduled time nor have all required skills for that shift. A registered and trained HCA will be available to attend your scheduled shifts. **If we are unable to attend a shift, the next shift will be provided at no cost. 

Our Continuity Guarantee goes a long way towards the excellence we provide and you  should expect your HCA team to be stabilized within the first 3 weeks of care. If we do not meet our Continuity Guaranty, then we will provide a 5% discount retroactively and until continuity is met. **Continuity will be negatively impacted and the guarantee will not apply in situations of: short shifts, less than 2 shifts per week, irregular shifts, personality mismatches, and remote locations.

Continuity Examples:

  1. With 2 to 5 shifts per week, 2 HCAs; and with 6 to 7 shifts, 3 HCAs.
  2. 24/7 Care: With stabilized 12-hour shifts 6-7 HCAs will rotate through the schedule, though it is possible to optimize to 4 or 5 HCAs. In the first couple of weeks, 12-15 HCAs may be on the schedule.
  3. Weekend-only shifts (Saturday, Sunday), 2 HCAs may be scheduled.

All of our HCAs receive training to assist with activities of daily living and with cognitive  impairment. Different cultural backgrounds of our staff result in different skill levels in household tasks such as cooking and housekeeping. As we settle into continuity of care, our staff will become more attuned to your needs.


Specialty: Home Care

Language(s): English

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