I came to see Dr. Mark in March 2003 due to heavy and frequent headaches, lower back and right shoulder pain. I had an automobile accident in April 2002 and ever since I developed a great deal of neck stiffness and an achy back.

I saw several doctors at a local Clinic and was prescribed medication for pain relief. An orthopedic surgeon ordered a pair of custom made inserts for me, due to strong pain in my left foot, as a result of the accident.

Since I began treatment with Dr. Mark, my headaches are gone. My shoulder pain decreased to a minimum and my overall quality of life improved a great deal. As a matter of fact my family is happier as I achieved a better-balanced life with no pains and aches. I highly recommend Dr. Mark for chiropractic treatment. This recommendation is not only for people who have been involved in an automobile accident but somebody who suffers frequent headaches and is tired of back or neck pain. His staff is very sensitive, respectful and polite. I could not dream of going to another chiropractor but Dr. Mark’s Community Chiropractic Center in Poway.

Thank you Dr. Mark.

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